Textbox broke on my phone

I still use Chrome on an old Galaxy S5. I haven’t had problems with the Discourse in years, and this hasn’t happened on any other site. But for the last couple of weeks:

Basically, the cursor shows up multiple lines below the currently selected text, which makes text nearly impossible to edit for me but also causes two bonus issues:

  • Clicking too near where the first line of text shows on my screen actually triggers the formatting buttons.
    • Due to the cursor being multiple lines off, it’s nearly impossible to select and delete that formatting.
  • Pressing the Reply button (or the garbage can to delete my reply after everything goes wrong and I give up) moves the cursor to near the bottom line of text.

This makes commenting basically unusable on my phone, which is sad, because I browse the Discourse on my phone a lot.

I’ve confirmed it’s not my case, nor my fingers, and as I mentioned it doesn’t happen on any other site.

Known Chrome issue. Fixed in version 69 (Chrome Canary), sadly we just have to wait. See

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