Mobile version for forums?

Not sure if this is a suggestion, but as my page jumps up and down with each keystroke it feels more like support. Are there any plans to implement a mobile version of the forums? I do a lot of my social internet use on my phone, and was hoping to get involved with the community in the same way…but it’s definitely not doable atm.

Radiant Entertainment doesn’t directly control the forums. The lovely folks over at Discourse do and I’m not sure if they have any plans for a mobile version or not.

hi @PawnTakesCheck … welcome aboard! :smiley:

as @twip mentioned, the forums are maintained by the wonderful folks at discourse… and as this is really a full blown web-based app, the intent to is not need a mobile version…

No app required

Discourse is designed from the beginning for high resolution touch devices. Move back and forth freely between your
laptop and your tablet, without the constant irritation of being told
this forum has an app, do you want it?

but if you have some specific feedback or suggestions, you could PM @system, @system, @system as they are on the discourse team… or, you would visit their forums as well… :smiley:

Ah. I’ll check with Discourse then; maybe it’s iOS 7 safari issues they haven’t addressed yet. It’s sufficiently buggy that I had simply thought it wasn’t designed for mobile.

We definitely want to have a responsive design for Discourse that renders nicely on smartphones. It isn’t a top priority right now, but it’s on the roadmap. I find it works alright after you zoom out, but it’s not ideal.

It works alright on my Android phone and tablet, but it definitely could be a bit more responsive.