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Scrolling up indeed shifts the entire UI up; scrolling down fixes it. I get that this is a result of the way the UI is rendered, but it didn’t used to happen, so there ought to be a fix.

Also, this behavior stops when I paused and unpaused… what could cause that?

so, is your report similar in nature, or identical… just on the latest build?

Really, it’s identical. You may have been a bit hasty with closing that thread.

well, the user who reported it said it was fixed! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

regardless, we’ll keep yours here as the current report… :+1:

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I can also confirm that bug, ad as far as I can tell, this happens because the UI extends beyond the screen size. This can be easily seen with a big, red, angry error log (the big ones ;)), when you move it to the bottom of the screen and start scrolling, or by selecting a trapper with items in the inventory, as the item count is shown below their “change job” button (for whatever reason).

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Bumping, still affects current version 2310 or whatever it is XD. Scroll in and out and the ui breaks from the bottom of the screen.


Every so often the game GUI shifts up or down as seen here, that gap, then the whole thing will shift back into normal postion

I don’t know what causes it but happens a lot, and it doesn’t seem to affect game play other then making me think the Doc goofed on the eye surgery :grin:

All drivers are current.

Windows 7 Home Premium 64-Bit
Alienware R4
Intel® Core™ i7-4820 CPU @ 3.70GHz 3.70GHz
GeForce GTX 760 (2)

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It happens when you use your mouse wheel. It literally tries to scroll the GUI.


One of the test builds a a few versions ago, when the screen shifted, it had something called a backpack 0/8. When you placed the cursor over it, it said it was a safe place to store thongs. What was that about?

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If that was what it really said, I’m almost sure it was a spelling error. I think they meant things.

…I don’t think Radiant is planning on adding thongs to the game, but I might be wrong. [@Ponder? @sdee? Why did you leave a backpack under the screen and did you really want to store thongs in it?]


nope, thongs… absolutely, positively thongs

when @Geoffers747 and I were inducted into the SHSS (Stonehearth Secret Society), we each had the opportunity for one request… this was @Geoffers747’s … some may call it frivolous… I call it genius

yes, of course it was supposed to say “things”!



Hey, I thought a thong holder that only held 8 thongs was weird too, but hey, to each their own…

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Whilst I dislike derailing threads, I can never pass up the opportunity to show off my incredibly diverse and magnificent thong collection.

I’ll upload some pictures later.



When playing in build Release-256 (x64) this bugg appers.

The scrolling UI appers when you have a item/object/person targeted that gets a “extra button” like, Move item, Undeploy, Change Jobb, in the left corner of your screan in the “target bar”.

If however you target a item, or nothing at all, and the “target bar” is eampty, you can scroll and nothing move.

as a new user I can not uppload a picture to show more helpfull information, but I hope you understand.

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