[Con] [build 2083] UI Vanishing

UI Vanishing

when loading a game rarely the UI will completely vanish.

Steps to Reproduce:
1.save game
2.load game while playing
3.UI may no longer be present

Expected Results:
ui loads, albeit slow.

Actual Results:
ui is gone, with no word or letter. just packed up and left.


this bug may not be very important, as in 100 save/loads it has only occurred twice.
will continue to test to find any more provoking factors.


I don’t know if this is the case for you too, but I’ve had an issue like this before. Usually it was caused by me being in a rush and clicking around before the UI has even loaded.

Give the game a second or so upon loading a game and such to catch up. That always corrected it for me :slight_smile:

although it might be a contributing factor, clicking around during the loading of the ui does not seem to cause the issue itself. and sometimes the issue occurs even without touching the controls

Because the game uses “web UI”, it can easily be affected by you “scrolling away” from the UI :stuck_out_tongue:

scrolling away? not entirely sure what you mean by that?

so didn’t want to create a new thread but i have always been curious.

what does [Con] mean? confirmed?

In the game “Game Dev Tycoon”, a common bug was that you could hold down the middle mouse button and “scroll away” from the UI as it was also web based.

Look at the end of this post:

We write it short so it doesn’t take space in the report titles.

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that’s a really interesting bug. i can only guess how wonky that gets.