After loading the GUI is gone and doesn't re-appear

Whenever i log off a game then log back on my GUI is gone and i try everything to get it back but it wont work so i have to make a new world. i cri evrytiem

nevermind its too late they all died and i couldnt rally them. I was on day 12 too ;-;

This happens to me occasionally, but most of the time if I just set there, it comes back. Have you tried fully exiting the game and loading back into a previous save?

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its the same for me, @SirAstrix id i just wait a few moments it reappears :blush:

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When I save my game and turn it off, the next day when I want to play the bar of the items/inventory and etc, disapears and I can’t do anything, but my game is still playing

I have been ​having the same problem with the steam version, the game loads but the gui never does but when it does I can scroll and click but nothing moves. I have tried multiple saves, closing the game multiple ways, and reinstalling the game entirely.

Try pressing F5, it will refresh the UI (like a webpage refresh)

If you have the UI but nothing moves, are you paused? My games always starts in pause. Press 2 to play.

I have this problem as well sometimes, I will try refreshing to see if it works.

EDIT: It worked, thanks! :grinning:

Can you try running the game in 32bit and see if the problem persists?
We have trouble reproducing this bug but it seems to affect many people. At first doing clean reinstalls worked, but somehow it has reappeared.

Normally the UI not loading is a problem of antivirus or other applications messing with CEF, but it’s strange that it happens after loading a savefile (and not right after opening Stonehearth) so it could be caused by something different.

It did persist in 32bit, but the refreshing did work, thank you guys.

I wonder if it is a miscommunication between different parts of the game caused by lag. Because that only happens when my game is lagging.

I know that the problem already has been solved (or at least I think it is), but I still have something if it happens another time:
What if you try Alt + Z? that’s the combination of turning on and off the GUI.