[Con] Moving user interface bug

found a funny little error box hiding on the side of my screen and found that if i moved the box to the sides of the screen it would “push” the ui in the opposite direction


interesting… so you dragged the error popup down the screen to the main UI, and it forced that area out of position? I’ve tried dragging my errors around, but haven’t tried that … yet :smile:

Thats rather funny lol

Another screenshot of this. Fortunately you can move the error box up and the UI moves back down. Haven’t tried clicking on UI icons when they’ve moved yet though.


thanks for the confirmation @Teleros:+1:

In case the errors weren’t enough… You can break the UI too!

It happened since they introduce the error message =P I already got this bug^^

Summary: The GUI pans when an error message box is pushed off-screen AND gets updated.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Recreate a bug that recurs regularly – see my last post on bugs with massive buildings or set a farm plot to fallow.
  2. Hide the error box by pushing it off the edge of the screen.
  3. Watch as the UI gets pushed away from that screen border whenever a new error message appears.

Expected Results:

No change in UI

Actual Results:

Pushed to the right border

Pushed to the lower border


The UI returns to its normal position if you bring the error box back to the top left edge of the screen.

Hope this is helpful in some kind of way. Error boxes shouldn’t be popping up in the final game, anyways.

Versions and Mods: v134

This is a previously reported bug (though I can’t find the original thread - @Phagocytosis or @SteveAdamo may know). Still, nice (for certain values of nice) to see it confirmed in the latest version :slight_smile: .

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If you drag the error screen to the bottom or the top of the screen then the UI like to move the other way.

Yeah this bug has been around a while (which version are you running BTW?). You want this topic here though:

Paging @SteveAdamo or @Relyss for a merger :slight_smile: .

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i didn’t know this was still occurring in the current version.

I found a bug where if you drag the error

log the UI slides around

the window that displays the error log? I don’t think that’s an error…

what he means and show is that the sunui and the bottom ui slides :wink:

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It’s already been reported here: :wink:

Thanks for reporting though; keep at it! :+1:

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the text is cut off because the screen caps are placed weirdly. My fault

update: zooming in and out with the mouse wheel will cause a slight move in the ui.

release 206(x64)

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just got this bug on my live stream, the save is also corrupted so cannot/do not know how to reproduce

basically the region id bug makes my main UI moveable (example: when i got that red text just now, i tried moving it out of the way (to the right side) and the main UI moved to the left, however moveing the bug window to the left does not produce this effect)

Please note, this bug corrupts your save!

hmm no comments? not even ffrom the devs/ or @SteveAdamo or @Relyss?