Diplomacy Mode?


I was thinking about the [very] basic diplomacy system between the humans, goblins, orcs, traders (assuming they have a guild) and the necromancers, as well as if (in the future) there will be other human groups, Nok’s, dwarfs, elves, and anything else that one may conjure.

As of now, there is fairly nothing to do. Three is only one real option - to trade or fight against the goblin camp.

I think, this should change eventually.

What could be done?

Well, first of all, there should be a diplomacy tab.

From this, there could be a system similar to that of the total war series;

The options would be different thoug;

  • Declare War
  • Allow/Disallow trade
  • Peace Treaty
  • Demand Tribute
  • Offer Tribute

and some such

Or else, there could be something like this


One can trade resources to the other party, both in tribute and demand and can conduct other sorts of negotiations too.

The open borders may be like allowing goblins and humans to mix and interact together or not.

  • The photo’s are from Total War: Napoleon and Sid Meier’s Civilization V -

This is just something I thought of.

What do you guys think? be sure to leave a like and comment!

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I really like the idea of being able to pretty much live alongside the goblins, instead of having them take my resources away or declare war :slight_smile:

It would also be cool if we could unlock some items only unlockable by helping ou the goblins or other kingdoms in the game.


I really like this idea it would actually allow you to peacefully coexist with the goblins in the long term.

It would also be really cool if we got borders, and that the borders would expand when you build more houses for example. The borders will sprout around anything you build. Then when you allow open borders the goblins may enter your land and you may enter the land of the goblins. It would also add more strategy to the game.

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While i always like the idea of being able to not kill and be peqcfull with the goblins, i recently came to realize that they’re dumb? I mean, they’re pretty much always looking to steal or fight you and really don’t realize they’re attacking a city withh surrounding walls and several fully equipped guards and advanced turrets

Orgs Dwarvs and Elvs sure, but i think i’m okay with the Goblins just being this cannon fodder that just is there to exist and be dumb

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I guess in a way, it is kind of good to have a faction that is dumb and won’t help you out in any way.