Diplomacy with other races

As most players would probably know, one of the challenges in the game is the population cap, and how to distribute the jobs among the hearthlings (I hope it’s not just me). Another is that the combat units make up a majority of the population, around a third (at default cap of 20), which could have been used in another job, or more workers. I like this feature, it forces the player to choose wisely, but I would also like to suggest something else. I hope I’m not just repeating someone else’s suggestion, or that this is already a mod.

At earlier stages of the game, raids would be very nerve-wracking and thrilling, especially at Hard mode. But my guess is that, when you reach the peak of your game, with most/all of the population at the maximum level and equipment, and coordination with troops becomes muscle memory, raids can become boring or annoying. So I suggest some form of diplomacy between the other races. What I have in mind is with the orcs and goblins only, the humanoid monsters. There can be a limit to how many tribes(?) you can have as allies. At the simplest, its effect can be peace with a neighboring tribe, so that they won’t attack your town, and they’ll let you pass unharmed. There can also be alliances, so that these tribes can become buffers to enemy attacks, or even potential recruits, decreasing the need for combat units from your own population. Forms of diplomacy can be appeasement with money or supplies, or threat of violence. You can also weaken them and then force them to accept terms. When anticipating an attack/enemy in their direction, some sort of support can be given to them, in supplies to speed-up their development or your own troops while they develop. The player can also be forced to support their ally when being attacked. And the tribe(?) can also become a trading partner, adding a potential buyer/supplier, for example buying from them supplies such as wood or stone, which in turn will make them cut trees and mine.

The cons that I can think of is that this might make the game really laggy. It may also be too tedious for the developers, like it might be just another massive aspect to develop. Just tossing in some ideas, sorry for tl;dr.