Ally with other races or clans/pacts (such as goblins)

So one day I (unwillingly) became the “slave” for the goblin clan. And I realized how appreciative the writing was for them. I understand they were sarcastic but it gave me an idea.

What if you could ally with them? Like both clans (yours and the goblin clan) both benefit from your alliance.
The goblin clan can come with requested items and they take gold as pay. Same for the other way around.

Kinda like a on-demand caravan that take maybe should take some extra time. Maybe like 12 to 72 hours (depending on the amount of items and the rarity of the items)


Idea 2: Your and the goblins clan merge. basicly you get the goblins reasources AND the goblins as your workers

But idea 2 might be a little over-powered.

Just an interesting idea that could give you a little bit more reason to be the goblin clans “slave”

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