Dimensions Display

Yo team Radiant! I’m a person who loves symmetry, and I’m sure there are plenty of the other OCD people out there who want to build the most beautifully, perfectly symmetrical kingdom in this game. But its so flippen hard (and time consuming) counting those tiny squares and trying to line everything up! So here is my suggestion: A simple Length/Width/Height display whenever you are dragging out stockpiles, farming plots, building houses and so forth. I think it is something that will greatly improve the quality of play! You guys are great!


Do not fear Spuddle :slight_smile: Team Radiant have mentioned that this is something they will very likely include, as it just makes sense. Right now it’s probably one of the more requested features, so they are definitely aware of the demand for it.

I’ll close this thread up and move you over to where the main discussion for the tool is :slight_smile:

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