Different sorts of trees


i cycled to school and i came up with the idea that it would be a cool thing to to make different sorts of trees like birch trees and if you make building with this different wood the building will have a different color

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I’m sure an update like this will happen when the dev’s and community run of ideas. Cough Minecraft Cough. Haha the reason I say this is because it isn’t crucial to the game. I can think of tons of stuff that would and should be programmed before it.


Hi there @maxdapro, I can take away your worries… there will be more than one kind of tree out there.

Within the KS-Video there should be more than one kind of tree visible and the developers already did state, that they want different kinds of trees and they should/might even have different uses like… ironwood likely will make a stronger wall than oak ^^
That was a kinda free quote from the developers as I not have the time right now to dig it up.

ah yes… jumping back into the forum there was another threat… All about Trees