Developers who want to contribute/help

Sorry if this is addressed some place else, I looked and couldn’t find it.
Is there a way for people with development experience to contribute? It looks like goblins lose their AI or some other properties and become zombies. Units keep attacking them, but no damage is exchanged in either direction. If I have to unpack stuff that’s fine, but I don’t want to get into the weeds with debuggers and reverse engineering stuff. I have a strong development background and some free time. I am not interested in writing mods, I am interested in getting the game closer to 1.0. Is there any way I could work on the above bug for example?

Thanks for making such an interesting game and babysitting us backers :smiley:


I too would like to help with the code, but I understand that keeping the team smaller and close knit makes for a more focused development. They only have so much time to get a whole game out the door. If they have dozens of developers off-site they might spend a lot of their time ‘herding kittens’. (Non-paid developers have the habit of coding what they want, not what is needed…) Perhaps down the road we will see an even more open development cycle or a way to ‘mod’ the core of the game, but the platform isn’t quite there yet.

I think the best thing for now is to test the game, try reproducing some bug, and/or use the development experience to suggest what code could be producing a bug. Overall make the job our test coordinator does easier and more effective.


hey there @RixiM_MixiR… welcome aboard! :smile:

an admirable and appreciated gesture, but I think @Moe’s comments successfully convey the difficulty in having so many chefs in the kitchen… :wink:

but please do continue to provide feedback and bug reports as the information is immensely helpful to the team… :+1:


If you’re able to move to within commuting distance of Radiant’s offices (California I think, can’t remember where exactly), and have some serious programming experience (AND working in a team well etc) with the languages they’re using then I guess you could email in a CV or w/e, though TBH I think it’s a long shot.

Better IMHO to go down the modding route, even though you say you don’t want to. For example, if you can make a mod for pathfinding than we’re seeing ATM, maybe you can sell/gift it to Radiant or w/e (but put it in writing etc, because otherwise there are potential legal issues for them). Or a mod to fix AI and/or combat issues etc.

Yeah, I was suggesting only submitting bug fixes to lua level stuff. I may just RE it and post changes anyway, I find it really annoying that I can read the error, understand the issue and not fix it :slight_smile:

Again, it’s all very impressive for an engine alpha.

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Well perhaps you could create a mod to fix the Goblin-Zombie error until the problem is solved by Radiant themselves?

I am still learning about how the game is constructed. If this suggestion is equivalent to submitting a patch, then yes, I will end up doing something like that. If it’s more like busy work, I rather submit a patch, even if they aren’t taking patches.