Software engineer with lots of free time, would be happy to help

Hey, I guess lots of people might be offering there services but just thought I’d pose the question. (Plus not sure if this would be the appropriate thread)

I’ve been working in software for almost 3 years and I’ve worked in most languages. I’m looking to get as much experience as possible and I’m always happy to help out in my free time. I’m currently working as a Software Engineer at BAE Systems and working towards an Incorporated Engineer
and becoming a system engineer. I have lots of free time and I enjoy writing software more than gaming.

If your interested just reply and I can help out when possible.

Here’s some of the projects I’ve been working on in my free time:

Thanks regardless, just wanted to make my presence known :slight_smile:


okay you are volunteering to make a mod if someone asks for one, or is it something different

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I would want to try and help out with the main game dev it self

Hello, how to modify the construction system? For example, adding the castle roof!!!

Can’t speak for Radiant Entertainment, but the modding community is growing steadily here, and if you see the front page, Radiant just started a Github for modding tools etc. At the very least I’d say start with modding and see what it’s like etc. If you’re really serious about helping to actually develop the game though (and unlike 99% of people who are, that kind of experience suggests you might actually be qualified to do so :smiley: ), my advice would be to PM @sdee, as she’s the most active dev on the forums.


Hey there!

on their company website (so not the site from the game)
Home | Riot Games <— this one
there is a section “jobs” in the upper right corner!


Sweet, but I’m willing to work for free :smiley:

How do I PM people, can’t work that one out lol ?

click on someones name and then it says primate message and then its like doing a new topic