dev2283_64bit Click on the button when the screen flashing

Sometimes I click button screen flicker, and continuous effect is more obvious when click? Is my brain problems or a game?

GIF: See here the dynamic figure
The file is too big, can’t upload

hi law ^^ definitly your brain - you have taken the red pill and now you see the matrix :wink:

yes its a bug ^^ nice catch :smiley: at the moment are some issue with the UI :wink:

here now some infos we need xD

Plattform: Steam or Humble Bunde (Installer or Zip)
System: x86 or x64
Release Number (Startscreen left bottom):
Do you have delete all old saves after update?
Hint: At Steam you can activat in the “Gamesettings” under “Beta” the latest unstable build - Saves not compatible!


It really looks like one of the debug keys of old Alphas, though…

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×64, steam,install,dev2283,delete all old’s a new game.

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