[Dev]Unstable Branch Updated To Release 732


Allow Hearthlings to talk to pets and shepherded animals, and get booped/nuzzled thoughts.
Added Opinionated trait.
Improved Animal Companion trait text to always indicate the species of the companion.
Cultists will now possibly talk about being a cultist to other hearthlings.
Hearthlings with a passion for a class will now possibly talk about the job with other hearthlings.
Pet owners will now possibly talk about their pets.
Improved/fixed/added icons/cursors/area colors for the cancel and clear tools.
Made speech and thought bubbles blend into the nighttime color scheme better.

Bug Fixes
Fixed some tools (harvest, loot, etc.) not cancelling when pressing Esc.
Fixed resource change effects playing when resources aren’t changing (health/guts flickering).
Fix tunnel double door animations.


This has me concerned about one of my Hearthlings. I caught my engineer today spending most of his time talking to the Poyo…and he was laughing and having a good time. Kinda worries me of his mental state anymore…


This makes me happy.