[Dev Blog] Video Update Coming Tomorrow



internet points to those who can correctly spot all the new features on display in the screenshot…

disclaimer: I’m looking as well! :smile:

So many fun things!

Zone management
Cloth stuffs!

I also see some new buttons?

Edit: Those might be development buttons…

ahhh im so excited, I cant wait for this update to come out! do you think having ladders will mean second floors for homes for the future? I get they are probs made for getting up and down hills and such, just wondering.

“trapper zones” is the most obvious one (for me)… can’t wait!

Glad to see the ladders. No more blue lines.

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Yay! I’m so exited, although I haven’t even read the post!

Are those Banners? for like marking patrol areas maybe?

or perhaps for “doodad” decorations? either way, banners! :smile:

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and new look to the UI down on bottom. the house is so cute and the background of the sword is now red
picture for farm zone is changed. O and the zone management is is now more has darker lines.

  1. both the citizens and crafter descriptions are now not saying “not ready” or whatever it was. and the trapper returns!? also hopes for the weaver!

not sure:
is the UI color changed or not? cant check to late

edit: did not repeat anyone though i did see them

  1. Ladder near the scaffolding
  2. Comfy beds looks like are available to get in other ways than trade.
  3. ‘Colourable Camp Standards’ - flags? Banners? They should be normally placeable and hangable. That means
  4. (trying to deduct from 3) Modification of Hangable Lanterns and normal Lanterns into single item? :smiley:
  5. (trying to decuct from 2 & 3) Weaver prepared to join the action. Current he will craft only cloth and flags though, but in his options may be ‘modify town banners’ option (that’s why flags are green, not blue) ;p
  6. New icon of the growing zone
  7. Trapping zone added (You select a zone then you wait for the animals to come into your traps? It may/could be useable both on animals and… goblins.)
  8. (trying to deduct from 7) Comeback and huge modification of Trapper.
  9. Modified ‘military’ icon. Currently propably without any new options.
  10. Not fixed bug involved here (as far as I remember, normally there isn’t a info block when you aren’t clicked on anything)
    Can’t wait to see it on the ‘latest’ branch. Or even on the ‘nightly’ branch (with updates daily) if Team Radiant would create that one.

Am I ready to get at least 1 Internet Point? :smiley:


I think it seems unlikely that they would put in a whole new class when they are trying to focus on bug fixing and getting Alpha 4 stable and bug-free. But, it is still a possibility… I will be very impressed if they have implemented the weaver.

this just reminded me how I thought it was a bit odd (the differentiation between the two)…

aye… but the weaver was intended to be introduced a couple of builds back (if I recall), but was shelved in order to introduce … the footman? someone correct me here…

In this post, two commenters said words to this effect:

In one of the last streams they mentioned that adding a weaver wasn’t practical due to resource gaining. Adding a trapper is faster and easier atm.

[Unquote] From what I’ve seen now, I think that most of the modelling has been done, and some of the scripting (in the Stonehearth files there is a folder marked “Weaver” with lots of code etc.)

All of these sub-folders seem to have plenty of stuff inside:

So I guess it wouldn’t be too difficult for them to add a very basic version of the weaver, although I’m still not sure that they actually will, since bugs are the main focus at the moment.

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Cotton crop is also already in the folders, its only avialble as a rare trade scenario though, at the moment.

I’ve seen banners in the weaver’s recipes from long ago. We can’t get wool from sheeps, but I find even better the plant fiber as a first approach.

Hey, @Wombat85, don’t forget mods xD
Every new model that appears in the folders but isn’t in the game can be stolen for mods in the meantime…