[Dev Blog] Technical Materials Dispersion and Reconciliation Edition


edit: Chris’s inaugural post? congrats! :+1:


Actually Chris put up the original graphics test post too. :slight_smile:

the cheeky monkey! (you’re welcome @Geoffers747)… he made no mention during the post, and i just assumed it was @Tom, given the opening dry wit… :smile:

oh well… excellent entry!

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You know what, though, I found that article to be biased towards those who actually had troubles running the Test… What about those of us that didn’t, and what about those of us who didn’t even download the test? I find it to be rather stereotypical and offensive…

Just kidding. But how about a little side note to those of us confirming that you did do it right? Eh? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Aside from the user-interface and a few invisible textures (invisible–how mysterious! Perhaps, the topic of a future post?)

ok folks, you’re all internet witnesses… and thats nine-tenths internet law…

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Please tell @not_owen_wilson thanks for the post :slight_smile: I read it thoroughly, found it to be helpful. I’ve actually encountered this a lot with the voxel models when I was using them in Blender (ramping up the rendering fixed it, thou that is not a fix when frame rate is important).

Thank you for explaining the situation in a term non-programmer people can understand.