[Dev Blog] Ambient Occlusion


edit: Chris’s inaugural blog post? :+1:


@not_owen_wilson has such a majesty with words.

I wish he would talk to me whilst I drift off into the sleepy comforts of his voice.


@Geoffers747 We are on this forum to discuss the Game Stonehearth which is being made by Radiant. We are not here to discuss your erotic fantasies.

Just to clarify, we don’t actually assume that @Tom is drinking copious amounts of wine every time he’s out of the office. We only do it when he gives us reason. :wink:

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I was going to post this on the blog post itself, but I decided I should get your opinions on this.

Will the option be toggleable in the settings?

If this isn’t for lower end / slower graphics cards, then many of the folks who have pre-ordered the game and such may not be able to run it when Ambient Occlusion is introduced, whereas they might be able to run it without said feature.

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Yes, it’s a setting you can turn on/off.


Briefly looks at contract

Wait, what?! We’re not?!

Why did I agree to this?

Is being out of the office one of those reasons?

I also spent far too long asking myself “what is even different with these pictures?!”.

I’ll book an eye test soon.


Awesome. :wink: The game does look much more… inviting with it, by the way.


you’re not alone brother… of course, I’m looking at the images on my phone… so I have an excuse…

I already have my glasses. :eyeglasses:

Look at the ground right by the cliff face in particular…you can see a nice line where it is much darker.

Gotta say, I do love the way DT is done. Plenty of visuals for the uneducated programming-wise such as myself, and yet news on every aspect as well as explanations about them so that the uneducated can actually try and grasp what is going on. You really do know exactly what all the team are working on at the moment.

ps although an update to the Dev Roadmap might perhaps be nice, even if just to say that ambient lighting is being worked on. :wink:


Well, you lost a poker game against @not_owen_wilson if I recall correctly…


oh, wow… quite a difference it makes when you’re comparing the images on a proper monitor…

looks absolutely gorgeous @not_owen_wilson… very soft shadowing effect that makes everything touching the ground almost “blend” with the surrounding landscape… very, very slick… :+1:

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Am I the only one noticing the guy holding the Sword in the picture? Wuzzat about?

Or is that for the Trapper?

it is indeed the trapper… :wink:

Well, we did have a Kickstarter tier for that. My fees are unreasonable, but then you get what you pay for…

Yay, I’m glad you like :slight_smile: It’s definitely not something that would (or should) jump out at you when you first see it, but once you’ve had it enabled for more than a few minutes, going back to the standard renderer feels…flat.

Glad you enjoyed it! I like writing about technical topics for a non-technical audience. We’ll definitely keep these updates art and gameplay-heavy, but I’ll be indulged to discuss technical matters every now and then.


clearly that was directed at me… i feel like that was directed at me… was that directed at me?

honestly, the more technical articles you all decide to provide, the better! :smile:

it gives those of us on the fringe of game development a unique perspective on the inner workings of the process… :+1:

Maybe me too… :wink: And also Newf. Mainly because he’s a dog.