[Dev Blog] Streaming this afternoon in about 3 hours!


edit: t-minus 1.5 hours to go…

edit: archived link

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Did i miss the livestream of today?

no, didnt start yet :thumbsup:

omg omg so cool i wanna hug you all :smiley:

I have never been around for a livestream. Do I need anything to access it. (like a code) I didnt discover this game till after KS was done but I did buy the beta through HB.

Have watched all the old livestreams that are on youtube and would love to be part of a live feed.

no sir! just click the twitch link above, and you’ll be directed to the stream… if you want to participate in chat however, you will need to register an account…

You need just the link above. I think you need to register with Twitch if you want to use the chat during the stream.


Thanks Voxel_pirate!!!

always the bridesmaid… :smile:

have fun in the stream! I’ll be a bit late myself… out getting groceries for a family version of Chopped! :wink:


It just started. It’s entitled modelling character classes.

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I’m always late to the party :disappointed:

Sorry @SteveAdamo I was in a hurry. If it is any consolation, I bet you will make a beautiful bride…someday :smiley:

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aaawww, go on, you… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

still out and about… is the stream still running?

Sadly not, I joined in the closing 5 minutes…busy watching the archive right now though :blush:

thanks… speaking of! :smile:

(updating the OP accordingly)

edit: apologies on the lack of a Q&A collection process for this stream… and wow, so far the first 30 minutes are just packed with good information… @Tom was sufficiently caffeinated, and talking up a storm… :smile:

edit #2: rough estimate of the next classes to make it into the game: weaver > trapper > shepherd > farmer > hunter

edit #3: i believe @voxel_pirate was on-hand, but i imagine that right around the 1:06:00 mark, where @Tom goes into the new design for implementing classes, he was rather ecstatic… :smile:

edit #4: interesting… we’ll have the option of promoting units to a class, as well as demoting units from a class…


nice, I am going to watch it now.

I’m glad I got to watch it live this time :smile:

another quick item that I thought was really neat, was @Tom’s discussion about implementing conversations between units … and how this is already being tossed around… :+1:

Was that not just code? I needs to remove the worker outfit and put on carpenter outfit. That does not mean we can do it in vanilla stonehearth.

btw, is twitch for you guys also terrible slow? It needs to buffer from time to time.

twitch was a little sluggish for me as well… as for unit professions, I’m sure that’s the gist of it (promotion/demotion), I just wasn’t aware we were going to have that option… :+1: