[Dev Blog]Stonehearth Alpha 10 Test Build Uploaded to Steam Latest Branch!

I am also have a bug when building roads. my guys will place down some road and walk away, then walk back and put a few more blocks down and then repeat walking away again.

They do this until the road is done.

Do they walk away to get more stone? or just like… walk away and stare at the pretty sky for a moment… then walk back.

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they walk away maybe 20 steps holding their stone then walk right back

Haha, That’s awesome…

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Does anyone else have the problem of trying to create a new game on a new map but when it loads it crashes? :frowning:

Update your graphics card drivers! :smiley:


An “Assertion Failed”? If so I am as well.

“No updates found” :frowning:

Make sure you get the drivers from the website and not from your card’s auto updater software


NVIDIA threw in a GTA update without me noticing. IT works now xD


Woot! Awesome to hear :slight_smile:

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