[Dev Blog]Getting Ready for Alpha 6! Steam latest branch updated for testing


I think i can say i’m adequately excited… my leg is shaking.

Building templates
The game now includes pre-designed buildings for houses and halls. Access the templates from the new building UI.

Templates can be rotated before being placed in the world
Templates can be edited just like normal building after being placed
Your own custom buildings can be saved as templates

Building improvements
The build system has gone through a major overhaul.

New slab tool, for building free-form structures
New stone materials for building parts
New building parts: double doors, colored roofs, and more
Workers can now walk through scaffolding
Streamlined the building designer UI

Job System Overhaul
We have added an RPG-like progression system to citizen jobs, with experience, levels, and new abilities.

Citizens will now gain experience and level up
Leveling up provides perks like more hitpoints and job-specific enhancements
You can now change citizens’ jobs as often as you like
Several new recipes for the carpenter
Brightbell and Frostsnap flowers are now plantable by the Farmer

Other Improvements
Ladders now build down when necessary
The size is now shown for all boxes dragged out in the world: in the building tool, farms, stockpiles, etc.
New command to undeploy a placed item, returning it to a stockpile.
Significant UI revamp of the building UI
Significant UI revamp of the job promotion UI
Added job icon to the unit frame. Clicking the icon brings up the citizen’s character sheet
Clicking a citizen’s name in the unit frame zooms the camera to that citizen
Show icons for ingredients in the crafting UI
Audio improvements. Improved the base volume and falloff for location-specific sounds

Bug Fixes
Significant pathfinder performance improvements
Massive memory-use optimizations
Citizens no longer own their own beds, and are much more aggressive about finding a bed to sleep in before giving up
Fix bug that prevented many buildings from being completed
Fix multiple crash bugs when destroying an entity
Fix embedded ladders in the terrain after building a building
Fixed crash bug affecting Vista computers
Fixed score calculation, allowing new immigrants again
Fix for the camera getting stuck in obstacles like trees
Combatants will no longer try to fight each other if they are on different vertical terrain levels
Fixes to save/load bugs


prepares to squeee


oh well, so much for my LP series… :smile:

time to start anew! :+1:


Mayday! Mayday! Hilarious promote carpenter bug needs to be fixed. Debugging now…!

Edit: You might be able to get around this by renaming .smod -> .zip and then unzipping the folder.
Edit 2: Candledark seems to be causing the problem, probably because we changed the way the crafter recipes work (again). So, please remove Candledark from your mods folder and try again :slight_smile:

@capotzalco, can you give this a shot for us and see if it works?

Eventually we’ll need a mod versioning system.


will try it out soon can not wait to play with it :smile:

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Yup wall of death errors :frowning:

Everything else looked so good and smooth tho :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

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good grief, there are so many things to cover/gush about, there will be little actual playtime in the video! :smile: :+1:

going to be a bit groggy tomorrow … :blush:


I’m a 6’5" 350 pound guy and I’ve never “squeed” about anything in my life but there’s a first time for everything, so…


I’ve been waiting and wanting building templates almost as much as I’ve wanted mining…

So once again…


Thank you, I feel much better now. :smiley:


yay a another bug update just came out!

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I think the best thing about this is looking at the amount of excitement an update generates, then realizing there’s so many more coming down the road.


indeed! and the worst part is realizing it will be hours before the dust settles at home, and you have time to take the updates for a spin… :smile:

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Hi-ho! Hi-ho! It’s off to work we go!

I found exploiting this to be seriously unstable, but if you draw a slab that ends lower than where it started, the slab will be marked as belonging inside a solid because it’s one solid cuboid and then your dudes will mine it out. You can then just remove the slab once it’s done.


Hat’s off. :smiley: Well those slate roofs have to come from somewhere!


ok, took the build for a quick spin, and recorded the first 10 minutes of my play through…

love, love, love the new building mechanics! talk about optimization! :+1:

cant wait to continue this preview tomorrow… :smile:

p.s. forgot to mention, the only bug I’ve noticed so far has already been reported

loving the new building mechanics as-well. Makes building the same building over and over, much less of a pain. I can also stylize my villages, in a way I wish. Its just all around cool.

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New building mechanics are great! Plus more materials are always welcome. Everything certainly is more streamlined in that area, except like in the stream I’m seeing the double door preview go all whack. Sort of wish the UI would change to edit mode right after plopping a template though. Right now I have to exit build mode and re-enter it, otherwise it just stays in template selection. Maybe it’s just me, or I missed something. Otherwise the templates are just… awesome. Building large cities will be great, especially when mining is properly implemented and we get stone walls and stuff :smiley:

Was having a lot of fun anyway until my carpenter ran off into the woods like an idiot due to goblins, a problem with the AI I’ve had very often. Died out there and lost the saw. :frowning: I really hope the rallying to flag or footman pathing features will be implemented soon. Villagers running out to their deaths is probably the #1 reason I’ve quit playthroughs. I do admit I tend to build in ways that separate everyone though, but I don’t think that should be a problem.

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Not another flood of Bug reports!!! :cry:

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Incredibly, that’s really what this forum is for, as opposed to map games :wink: .


I’m a little sad about the bed ownership thing, I liked being able to assign houses to specific workers. Will this be toggleable some time in the future, like it is with Dwarf Fortress?


Citizens no longer own their own beds, and are much more aggressive about finding a bed to sleep in before giving up

yeah, i wonder if this is a result of the new upgrade process? perhaps it was bugging out the units if they owned a mean bed, that was then broken down and upgraded?

ideally, i too would like to see bed ownership, as it would be nice to have my carpenter sleep in the bed thats inside his workshop… :wink:

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Nah, the fact there is so many of them just does my head in.

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