[Dev Blog] Desktop Tuesday, 2014 Retrospective!


A great look at how far Team Radiant has come. Congratulations on all their hard work, and may it continue just as strong or stronger in 2015!


wow, a SH “look how far we’ve come”? woohoo! :smile: :+1:

just going to quote someone I respect and admire ( :wink: ):

all the best to Team Radiant… congratulations on a successful 2014, and here’s to an even better 2015!! :slight_smile:

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Love this sort of stuff. With so much under the hood its great to show just how many things have been put in place that are building blocks. My only complaint is that things are starting to become quite complex to mod, and I know that easy modding was one of the original design intents. Cant wait to see what you get up to next year.

wow, demoing A1 and the right-click to rotate items from a stockpile reminded me how much I miss that feature… :smile:

I am confident that once all the various systems are all air tight, that the modding process will have evolved quite a bit… :+1:

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I agree, this person deserves much respect… and a flogging for quoting themselves.


I miss the Alpha 4 or so merely for the reason that I’ve had my own loading screen back then. Things are better now, but you will never be forgotten, rp_loadingscreen. o7