[DEV] Alpha 22.5.2: We Half Moar For You

New Update


Pets Die Less Are you tired of having your pets run into the middle of combat and die, leaving their owners bereft? Pets now automatically return to town if they find themselves too far away. During town alert mode, they run to the banner, like your hearthlings, or to the foot of their owner’s bed, if they have an owner who has been assigned a bed. As a happy extension of these behaviors, they will also sleep at the foot of their owner’s beds, chase their owners around, and seek out their owners when they’re feeling lonely.

Yes. Fluffy likes it.


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My biggest problem with it so far is day light when the time transitions from night to day. It’s very abrupt and makes everything go darker than it should for about a Stonehearth Hour. Not to mention cloud shadows act all weird.

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"Added callous trait interactions with town pets (there is no honey badger in Stonehearth – but if there were, he’d be callous)"


Now we NEED a honey badger in Stonehearth!!! :merry: