Dev 3010 Mobs spawn within enclosed area or "safe zones"

As it sounds, build walls spread apart don’t put stairs on them, and mobs will sometimes spawn within the walls & cleared “safe zones” unexpectedly

I don’t have a screenshot of when this happened but I haven’t changed my town layout.
and a few minutes later…

That was explained in a earlier desktop tuesday video, if it wasn’t changed afterwards. The so called “safezone” without hostile spawns is determid through circles around the townflag and buildings which are frequented (if I remember it right). Free standing walls are only a protection if they are inside those cricles, becuase the don’t creat their own safe area.
Which means that you seem to have enclosed a too large area with your walls.

maybe I should make a suggestion thread to change this then, I don’t like the idea of having to always make a well rounded town, even though I’ve clearly zoned myself off from the outside world

instead of drawing a polygon around your built structures maybe it should instead calculate it as water within a bowl and mobs only spawn where there is a leak. so check from flag placement like flowing water rising up and up and outwards until you find a distance away from current player objects in the world then place the spawn location there.

I don’t like this current way of doing it, it makes combat something that is forced upon the player regardless of the way they want to play the game.

That’s why I like to play in the desert. Most of the mountains aren’t very big from their size, so it is possible to play without enemies for a time if you don’t place any ladders to the ground.

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I’m hoping with the new topology service this can be fixed because just as hearthlings do not try to find a path to terrain that is inaccessible mobs should not be able to spawn in terrain that does not have access to both the edge of the map and the player location.
this would require an update to the map generator or a the ability for mobs to change terrain to ensure each elevation has a path to the edge of the map but would fix the issue. this would likely force the generator to stop making cliffs and make more of a hilly terrain in some areas to compensate for this problem.
I think this is fine because if we ever simulate a trader coming to town, this would be a requirement anyway.