How do monster spawn works?

So how do monster spawn work? i have a free standing wall around my settlement with a double door, but is kind of useless because monsters are spawning inside the wall but before i had it everything spawned in the forest so i dont get how this works can some one help me? do i have to use fences instead of a free standing wall?

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Please check out this Desktop Tuesday. Does this help answer your question?

Please let me know if anything is still confusing after checking that out.


So do free standing walls dont count towars this or i just have the wall to far from my buildings?

@Albert – I believe free-standing walls do count toward your monster spawning algorithm, correct?

This is just from experience, not from looking into the code, but if you have a perimeter well-established, then sometimes things will spawn in the center of your perimeter. For example, a few games I’ve played have been villages built around a lake; with stockpiles and walls up creating an impenetrable barrier to entry, sometimes townsfolk would spawn outside the village, but sometimes they would spawn right in the middle of the lake. I didn’t have monsters spawn in the lake, but that’s probably just luck of the draw.

Make a small breach in your walls so there’s a way to enter your town, and things should stop spawning inside your perimeter, and go back to spawning outside.

Can we get a screenshot of your town? They should not be spawning in a lake or inside walls unless your walls enclose a huge empty territory.

@megashub - Yes, walls count.

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