Dev - 2521 No enemy encounters (Day 9)

First game using Dev 2521. Just about everything is going well…i thought. Then I realized I have not come across any enemies yet. No attacks or anything.

(On a positive note, so far my buildings seem to be building properly!! :smiley:)

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I think the frequency of attacks has been tuned way down. I think I had one attack in my first week. In the previous build, I was getting jumped daily.


Yep, looks like you are right. I was finally attacked on day 10.


I wonder what this tied to? Population, Net Worth, or some other value?

What is supposed to happen with the basic attacks is it waits until day 2 and then you have 60% chance for undead in the night, 20% of a goblin camp and 20% for nothing to happen. That’s completely unrelated to how well you are doing. The arrival of the first big goblin camp was supposed to happen when you reached about 3500g net worth.

I can’t say for sure if those things are still true. I haven’t gotten very deep into a game since alpha 11 myself and there seems to have been some changes to the campaign. Ambient threats (what Radiant calls the undead and basic goblin camps) seem far less common to me too.

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a bit of a shame for those who enjoy the combat aspect.
In all honestly, the last thing they should have done was nerf the goblins more, they were already so easy you could defend yourself with a lone trapper as a millitia. but as far as I can tell (before the most recent version (I havent played the newest build)) I had a goblin thief camps spawn early enough to be interesting. If this has changed, I am sad, because the game was pitched as combat being a playstyle alongside building, on the old Stonehearth Alpha 1 is Now Available! – Stonehearth page, which is now removed for obvious (CONSPIRACY!!! jk) reasons.And now they are willfully ignoring it.

Of course, I expect combat to be improved later on, but its more then a little bit disheartening.
(I wanted my conquering barbarian village possibility radiant…)

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In the latest release (2543?) I was not attacked a single bit until day 9. No undead or goblin thieves, even though I had well over 2.5k net worth, and something like 11-12 Hearthlings. About midday on Day 9 a little goblin thief encampment spawned, and was promptly dealt with by my fledgling footman (with a giant bone axe) in about a minute.

I was fully expecting the chieftain to pop up at 3k net worth like he usually does, but he didn’t. It took until 4k net worth for the encampment to spawn, and still no undead. I’m not sure what changes were made, but I am a little appreciative of the fact that I’m not being raided by undead or goblins on the night of day 2/day 3.

Same thing here - loving the new bugfixes in this patch, unfortunately several game-days have gone by and my village has seen no action, making things a bit boring.

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in my experience events seem to happen more when you let the game process evrything properly
on my laptop(2,6ghz quad) ive seen groups of 2, 3 or 4 undead(also juggeling pause and play for the game to keep up)
on my desktop(3,4ghz quad) i started to completely zone off my area so that the pathfinding had no chance to go crazy(not even a single hole in the wall), that way ive seen groups of 10 till 15 undead spawn in 1 night
so i think if you want minimal spawning, go sit in an open area and have the game running full speed at all time xD(that also makes your guys stand around doing nothing if you have 20+ppl)

edit: went in to see if it still happends :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m similarly disheartened - I keep praying for a big, experimental “ALL the enemies!” devbuild with tests for wolves and bears and archery and who knows what else. Peaceful mode is fine for pure building-engine tests, but otherwise there should be a challenge. Hurt me more!


sounds buggy Radiant fix enemies.

Just wondering if there has been any progress with this?

Don’t have time right now to play.

Heard it might be fixed, but I’d rather ask other similarly minded people. (Combat ftw)

atm the goblin spawn rates seem normal
the undead spawning is like 1, 2 or 3 at the time(so its less)
but the bigger issue with monsters seems to be that they rather focus your items
but i did have a cook die from a wolf, so it might be just a matter of their priority(might be changable if you dig into the files?)
but atm i care more about ironing out other issues