[Dev 2521] I smell conspiracy!

I don’t even…
all my normal worker Hearthlings are just sitting around a burning firepit in bright daylight (12 AM)
the specialists are all busy doing stuff but not them!

since it is my only placed firepit the rest of the crew just stands where they last had any animation (sleeping etc)

it was a different day and the pit was not burning but the problem is the same

sorry if this is not the best error description but I don’t even know where to start :confused:


(shakes fist at the hearthlings on screen)

Gosh darned kids these days! Back in MY day…

(slowly drifts off and wanders out of the room grumbling)


O_O I’ve never seen this before. It’s almost as if they think it’s night time.
Does it still happen if you save/load? If so, can you send me your save so I can look at it?


I was going to say “can do”… but when I restarted the game and loaded that savegame nothing happened…
no UI
no time progress
no response

… I could roam around with the camera but that’s it… and screenshots… but I had to [Alt]+[F4] kill the game because no UI reaction on [Esc] or [F5]

here is the savegame but it might just be engine overkill as it is my RAM stress test savegame with a large discovered area, 32 Hearthlings and a ton of items (most of them in stockpiles by now but a lot nonetheless)
it just worked right until now when I restarted the game to see if they still have their BBQ going on


Yeah the game seems to have a renderer crash after a few seconds when I try to load it too. Do you have any mods installed?
I’ll ask @not_owen_wilson about the renderer crash.


[quote=“yshan, post:5, topic:15113, full:true”]Do you have any mods installed?

virgin vanilla game :wink:

yeah seems that savegame is fried … well I was going to start a new one for 2521 anyway so…meh ^^
btw RAM spike on loading that savegame exceeded the 6GB usage instantly
the bottom line is at ~5,5GB RAM usage after killing the game


Believe me, it had happened before. But it’s a truly rare bug, hard to reproduce. (That, or my memory is fooling me with the firepit bugs)…

oh, it must be this other bug then:

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Ha! Found it. I knew it was @coasterspaul. Sometimes is useful to remember the user’s icons when searching specific screenshots. :smile:

On a related note, I’ve noticed that the particle effects usually get restarted or make strange things when you pan the camera with the space key. Or maybe it’s due to my laptop not willing to do more extrapolations for such a thing, who knows :sweat_smile: