(Alpha 9 Release 256 (x64)) Hearthings sitting everywhere they go

Problem: Hearthlings start sitting like they are in front of the fire every time the stop walking.This happened after I loaded up my save game.


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Can you give more detail like adding your logs or your gamer id? This will be hard to track down with out that.

Alright here is my game id: fa64991e-71ad-11e3-a845-902b34344dcb

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I find this hilarious :laughing: are they tired or something?

Let’s see…

  1. Which are your system specs?
  2. Did you have any task pending when you made the screenshot? Why those bolts of cloth near the banner aren’t being transported to stockpiles? aka the kind of return of the zombie workers bug some people are noticing…Ok, those are just bought items that don’t get stored…
  3. The people that is sit in the screenshot, are they rotating towards the firepit?
  4. The save you loaded is from A9 r256, right? (Just to confirm that you’re not loading incompatible saves). Perhaps if you could upload the savefile somewhere, devs could take a look at it.
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Intel I5-3570k cpu @ 3.40GHz
8192MB RAM
GeForce GTX 550 Ti

Yes I did have something set up, it was a slab roof for my castle that I’m building but they didn’t do that either.

No they are not rotating just sitting when they stop and in whichever direction they were facing.

Yes it was from that version, and where can I upload the save?

You can upload it to any free hosting service and put a link to it here.
I don’t know, Google drive, Dropbox…