Hearthlings sitting in fires

build 2630 (x64) -unstable

bug- 2 Firepits next to each other in cause hearthlings to sit in the middle of the fire.

expected- Hearthings not to enjoy being burnt alive.

Otherwise i must say this is the most stable build that I think have been able to play so far!


Hah, that’s a good one :laughing:
Not sure how will it be fixed. Thanks for reporting!

Yes, it’s more stable than the previous ones, but for some people the pathfinder and AI are still performing badly and they can’t play at ease. :pensive:


Well, hearthlings are nigh invincible for now. They can’t drown either or die from a fall (not that I’ve seen falling ever happen ingame).

For the moment they are invincible but in the future this may become a problem. I thought it was funny more than anyhting,

…anyone fancy some roasted hearthling? Tastes like poyo!


Still an issue in release 472, paging @Albert.

Still an issue in #a14r524::tag

small but visual bug when placing firepits inside

Steps to reproduce:

  1. make a building
  2. put a firepit inside near a wall

Expected Results:
hearthlings react to wall

Actual Results:

Version Number and Mods in use:

Merged here. Same underlying issue: Hearthlings stand next to fire regardless of what they’re standing on or what’s in the way.

the original rose belltower in the OP; she decided to change her hair somewhere along the way

A fix will be in the next build. Hearthlings should no longer sit around the firepit in places where there is an obstruction and locations from which they can’t see the firepit.