[Dev 2513] Town Overview - Values explained

so I was wondering what some of these values indicated and I hope that somebody here can shed some light on this “Town Overview” screen since it has changed from alpha 10 to 11

  1. initially I thought this was the overall population but I have 32 Hearthlings in this town so it might be something else (population - crafter - footmen)

  2. I’m pretty sure this is the number of crafters (Carpenter, Mason, Weaver, Blacksmith)

  3. as I have 4 active footmen I think this is the number of them

  4. Edibles
    I have a 20x20 stockpile limited for food only and it’s not even full so how is this number calculated? (btw I have no cook so it’s all vegetables and jerky)

  5. Overall Morale
    how is this calculated? it looks like (Food+Shelter+Safety)/3 but that would be 6.2 and not 5.5

  6. Food
    it’s easy to have a lot of food so that number is self-explanatory

  7. Shelter
    this is my lowest value despite having 10 houses (22x22 with roof) so how is it calculated?

  • Safety
    relatively high (compared with Food) so I think it’s depending on the number of footmen?

  • Net Worth
    this number is hard to keep uper later in the game. I have two stockpiles full of stone made decorative stuff (Gargoyles, Lanterns, etc) and Hearthling #33 requires 44800 of it… is it more worth if you place it? I already know that selling it would decrease the net worth as you only get 60% in form of money back

I’m pretty sure ‘edibles’ is the value (from the jsons, same as if you sell them) of all the food items added up
Net worth is the same but should include all placed and not-placed items, and without having looked it up, I think buildings add something on top as well.
I believe shelter is still not properly calculated, and the average must be weighed un-equally by your findings (probably to account for shelter)

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I believe the green one is the workers and the one with a blue flag thing, is footmen (and in the future archers and all the military).

Yeah, me too.

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I think the shelter calculations are placeholder, last time I checked.

  1. This is how many workers, farmers, shepherds and trappers you have. Essentially your “primary industry”.
  2. That is indeed crafters. It includes the Cook. Essentially your “secondary industry”.
  3. Yes, that’s the number of Footmen.
  4. It’s the net worth of all the food you have. Food is only considered here and not as part of the net worth of your entire town.
  5. No idea of the exact calculation. I’ve never found it in the stonehearth.smod, but that’s not to say it isn’t there somewhere.
  6. Yup.
  7. Max is 5 I think. If the last time a hearthling slept, it was on the ground your shelter score goes down a bit. Once they sleep in a bed, it goes back up.
  8. Any time you have a hearthling panic, a hearthling has low health (<25%) or a hearthling dies, then your safety score goes down (only once per hearthling per day maximum). For each day where nothing bad happens to a hearthling, your safety score goes up a bit again.
  9. Buildings have quite a bit of value (based somehow on how many blocks were placed and so forth). The rest is the value of your stuff.