Destoyed Town Banner

I accidentally destroyed my town banner, anyway to get it back?

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Move Town Banner
  2. Move Town Banner again (before placed) in same spot but rotated
  3. You will see a the banner in the location of the second step but you will also see a ghost of the first step, destroy the ghost.

Expected Results:
Town Banner placed in actual desired location-

Actual Results:
Strange banneer ghost that when destroyed also destroys you actual town banner and some other stuff


Version Number and Mods in use:
Alpha 22, no mods

System Information:

Another issue is that when I put the town on alert now, all Hearthlings attack instead of just the Footman.

Welcome to the forum, @Starslayer :slightly_smiling_face:

How did you destroy the ghost?

Destroying the banner has unwanted behaviors like the one you describe, and you’ll probably get some errors.

Is the banner perhaps still on your inventory? If so you might try to place it again.

I clicked on the banner and the game treated it as an unfinished building, I thought it would get rid of the ghost banner so I destroyed it like you would a convewntional house, it also destroyed a section of my path.

No it is not anywhere in any of my stockpiles or containers.

Is there any console commands to spawn the town banner back in?

There are but you’ll probably need to enable the debugtools mod. There is a “stamp” tool that allows you to easily add objects to the map. Another thing you’ll need is the inner name for the flag that I don’t remember now. Hope the others will be more helpful.

Hmm well after double checking you might be fine even without the banner. But everything will think the banner is on its previous location (shops, etc).

You can spawn one but it won’t be taken into account.

Let us know if you get any errors that look caused by the banner not being there.

I’m going to add this to our bug list. I remember when removing a building with hearthlings inside would also destroy the hearthlings. Such horrible bug :frowning_face:

The only real error I get is the when I put the town on alert, all hearthlings attack the enemy instead of huddling around the town banner and letting the footman do all the work. Other than that everything seems fine.


I also had my banner disappear after I placed it in a building I destroyed. The problem I am having now is that anything I buy from merchants teleports to the first place I put my banner a millenia ago. (I’ve been on my game for a while Ill release photos of it soon) But since I moved the heart of my city more north than the original spot I walled it out. Now whenever I buy something the items appear at the original flag spot outside my city. My hearthlings have to run a huge distance into enemy lands to pick up ores(the things i normally buy)

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So I was messing around with making roads when I decided I wanted to place the blue town banner that you start with in the middle of the road, I placed it on the road but decided I did not like that type of stone so I destroyed the road and without thinking left the flag on it when it was destroyed, this led to the flag being destroyed. I looked around the map and did not see it anywhere and it did not go in the inventory so I am pretty sure it is gone, not a huge deal cause it was early in the game but if this were to happen late game when I hadn’t saved for a while it would have been a problem.

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