[180] SteamUnstable - Town Banner Rotation

Summary: While it is possible to rotate the ghost image of the Town Banner, the rotation is not honored once placed.

Steps to reproduce: Rotate the Town Banner 90 degrees, place it down and start the game.

Expected Results: Town Banner will preserve the 90 degree rotation after game is started.

Actual Results: Town Banner reverts to default rotation.


Versions and Mods: 180 no mods

System Information: Win8.1 64bit (running on MacOS 10.10.1 using Parallels) - playing Stonehearth through the Steam client

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This happens since they standardized qb models on the right-hand axis, I think. Although you’re referring to the start of the game.

When you first place the banner, if you do not rotate it, the placed banner will be the flipped version of the ghost anyway.

It has more to do with the refactoring of the NewGameCallHandler they did a while ago. Left-hand or right-hand ought to be irrelevant in the game.

radiant.entities.turn_to(banner_entity, 180) - no matter what you do, the banner will always be placed in the same direction. The rotation of the ghost entity is completely ignored, although fixing this could be easy, given that stonehearth.selection:select_location():use_ghost_entity_cursor 'stonehearth:camp_standard_ghost':done(function (selector, location, rotation) implies that the rotation is passed by the library - it’s just not used.

I could try to add this into Jelly’s NewGameCallHandler override I guess.

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Thanks, @RepeatPan ! :blush: