Designing tile floor mosaics

Is there a way to design a floor mosaic?

First part: I notice the existing mosaic the potter makes is 1 square narrower than the standard width of a mined tunnel. Would there be a way to make a mosaic the width of a tunnel so the two would match up?

Second part: How about a 1-square sized floor mosaic in a specific color, so larger, more ornate floor mosaics could be created?

First off, here’s a useful general rule when building in patterns: you can make anything fit into anything else if you multiply their sizes together to get the lowest common multiple, as long as the edges match up. For example, say you have a 3x3 floor covering and a 4x4 tunneling tool, you can multiply 3x4 to get a width that both tools fit neatly into.

Of course, if the edges don’t match up then it’s significantly more difficult – you can’t dig a hole that’s half a block wide or deep. In that case, you’d have to turn to modding to create an “offset” version of the tile which lines up neatly with the block edges rather than overhanging halfway.

As for your second point, I’d love to see some simple floor tiles for making easy floor designs with! This can definitely be done as a mod, and it would be an awesome way to decorate roads (which are, AFAIK, the only surfaces in the game which have a special feature when hearthlings walk over them.) Of course it’s possible to build your picture out of full cubes, and you can use mods to get more building colours; but it would be wonderful to have floor coverings that preserve the “ceiling” of rooms underneath… just in case we ever get the ability to look upwards from the hearthlings’ perspective!

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Okay, maybe I wasn’t clear enough on the first part.
The existing floor tile mosaic which the potter makes seems to be about one-quarter to one third of a block thick, so I assume this means it’s not something I can put together using the Build tools § without digging out the floor and putting bits of stone in their place.
So, if I can’t use the Build tools, how do I go about creating a floor tile the width I want? Is there a way to create a new tile to my specifications which the potter can make, and can then be placed? Or is this something I’m only going to be able to add by modding?
Of course, if there’s a way to make a floor tile mosaic using the Build tools, I don’t know how to do it, so I’m going to need instructions on how to do that. Up to now, all I know how to do with the Build tools is make houses and walls. I don’t even know how to add designs other people have made and shared. Making a floor tile mosaic seems as if it should be different, but if my assumption is wrong, I need to be told I’m wrong.
Hopefully that’s more clear.

If you want something like the existing mosaics, you’ll have to create it through modding, however, you can use the build tool to place roads in some pretty interesting patterns if you have the patience and or skill. It’s just going to be much much larger.

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You can place those mosaic pieces even if they overlap a wall, because those don’t have a collision box (effectively a ghost).
This means you can in your 4 wide tunnel add one piece which its center is right at the corner of the left wall. So it will have one block inside the wall and two others in the tunnel, up to the middle of it. Then you can repeat the same thing on the other side. Done, it is symmetrical.