Dead State Developer trying to get critical review taken off Steam

Dead State Developer trying to get critical review taken off Steam
(Found on reddit, posted by HipFlask83).

I think we’re kind of at a low point in gaming developers (thanks in part to the internet, because of post-release patches), but also, thanks to the internet, gamers are catching up and becoming more aware of this kind of crap. There are still good devs out there, that put out quality, finished products, and gamers are praising and rewarding them. I think radiant falls in this category.

They are not sacrificing polish for making deadlines. While that can make some of us impatient, it’s really what the great developers do. For example, Shigeru Miyamoto of Nintendo (a consistently dependable and high quality developer) is quoted as saying “a delayed game is eventually good, a bad game is bad forever.” Also, see valve. Their games are always delayed, (valve time) but turn out to be industry-leading classics.


there was a time I was looking forward to the finished product of dead state … until they declared it was finished

It’s good to note, perhaps not in this case, I am not justifying Dead State, I have not read the reddit post or follow Dead State, that sometimes things are out of the control of the developers. Not everyone is out there trying to make a bad product just to take advantage of people then get hated on. Sometimes developers have a publisher down their back and locked into contract, where releasing a broke product may be the only option.

I can’t remember the name of the game, it was a recent space building game. The game was released with a lot of issues, but the development team had every intention of resolving them, and had been doing so, but then was pulled from the project, as they was were a subset of a larger company. A lot of people missed this note, and they got a lot of hate for something out of their control. Though let me make it clear, I still believe that they hold some responsibility in what happened. The consumers where really the only ones that were hurt out of all of it.

On the flip side Day One : Garry’s Incident. This game is travesty, the fact it’s even on Stream :cop: . I have never seen such a deceptive developer. He fully deserved every bit of criticism.

Trying to remove criticism just shows your lack of belief in your own product.

In the end I’d have to say watch yourself when trying to start a company, it’s not a simple task, and watch who you get involved with when it comes to business. If you able to, you are much better off doing things on your own, or with friends. Customers will come if you provide a good product, just focus on being genuine, honest, transparent, and hard working with your work if you plan on releasing in an alpha state. And Communicate with your alpha backers.

People try to find a way to make things work even if they can’t. Indie developers commonly put their lively hoods on the line to start making the game of their dreams, In bad situations people do the things they need to survive. This doesn’t justify what people do, I just trying to point out a side people may not notice.


problem is when people say they listen to the community and don’t put feedback about what the community has helped with or show a way to communicate with the community with livestreams or QA