DayZ Standalone

Yup guys the Standalone version of the popular DayZ mod for Arma2 is finally here. Currently over 200.000 people already bought the Steam early access version afaik.
I’ll also buy it within the next few days.

PS:first patch was released on tuesday, next one is scheduled for thursday.

Is anyone here playing this? I’m looking at it, but it doesn’t look like fun for more than a few days at best. Anyone have experience with Dayz?

I’m currently playing Rust instead of DayZ! In DayZStandalone currently there is nothing to do.

Im currently fully kitted with nothing to do

Well compared to Rust there is a lot less to do in DayZ! Especially if you know that DayZ was in development for two years.

Just wondering, how far have the two (Dayz & Rust) come along in terms over visual, game-play & content over the last 30 days or so? I was quite interested in getting one of the two for both me and my brother to play on our own until I found out that they do not have support for player hosted dedicated servers.

They are very much two different play styles. although similar at first appearance, dayz is more cut throat and is mainly for playing with friends and only really works as a game if the server is full. Its otherwise dull as the PVE is quite lackluster.

I play DayZ SA. Any Europeans (for latency reasons) want to team up and terrorise people, message me :slight_smile:

How are they different? They seem quite similar to me, besides the building aspect in Rust.

Well and you can craft items and build houses in Rust :wink: And you can destroy these houses, too!

Rust was inspired heavily by DayZ and originally included zombies. However, the developer decided that the player base in Rust was dangerous enough and removed them.

DayZs development has been slow, I should imagine that this is primarily due to Dean Hall using an engine that was not fit for purpose, and it had to be heavily modified. Unlike Rust.

So basically, they are very similar games, but Rust seems to be slightly ahead of Dayz in their roadmap. If you look at the DayZ Epoch mod, that is closer to how DayZ will end up.

They both have the potential to be great games, but I decided to bet my money on the DayZ pony.

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yeah i was going to say. the difference being the whole zombie thing haha

@Froggy You sound very contradicting haha. The progress with DayZ is one reason why I’m a bit unwilling to throw my money at it. Especially after just spending close to 40 bucks on 7 Days to Die while being well aware of the bad reviews & all (it still caught me off guard how bad it is)…

I’m quite interested in Rust, but all I really want is just hunt zombies with my brother and the Rust developers are removing that D: It’s a sad day for Ben.

Rereading what I wrote, yeah it is a little contradicting. The main reason I went for DayZ is because I liked the MOD and I prefer the military zombie apocalypse survival sandbox type genre that DayZ brings to the table.

For my money, I’d certainly recommend DayZ, but unless you are happy to spend 90% of the time cursing at the screen/paranoid, I’d wait a few months.

Or buy Rust and build a house and start fighting other naked dudes.

yeah that kinda freaked me out a little…