Unturned (Free to Play)

Hey, was on youtube the other day and someone mentioned a newer game called Ùnturned. Didnt look much into it until today when I found out it was free to play off of steam. Its basically Day Z with a chidlish sorta look to it

I found some videos it look extremely simplistic and I wanted to let you guys know about it. Apparently its a big sorta viral game atm so, here it is.


i tried it its ok of a game not great

From what I understood from opinions it`s much more enjoyable with other people. I put this game here so peopel coul get the full experience rather than the single player lone one

I personally like this game a fair bit. It’s not the best game out there, but once you get into it, it gets quite in-depth for a small game.

I also like the fact that the game was made by a single 16 year old. :smile:

I would like the game but to me it feels like a Roblox clone because I played Roblox when I was younger (And still would if it had not been ruined)

I’ll tell you now that it’s nothing like Roblox. The guy who made it used to play (and possibly still plays) Roblox, so that might explain the graphical style… however, what you’re doing is like comparing the big bang theory to an orange, it’s not a comparison that works. :smile:

I assure you that it only resembles the graphical style of Roblox, not gameplay. :smile:

The Gameplay of roblox is not definitive, There are many games with many different styles of gameplay, And I fear that this one is probably one of the Roblox DayZ copies made into a separate title

wow, I just noticed this over on @paulsoaresjr channel! I think he’s been playing this a fair bit with GenerikB… guess I’ll take a closer look! :+1:

All I can say is… Looks at steam … 12 hours in a few days played…
I personally love the game, the only thing wrong with it in my eyes is it is incomplete, but that’s alpha for you!
Also, the developer is a single 17 year old, so you gotta cut some slack :wink:
BUT I can also see where your guys’ comments are coming from… like all games it is a bias to enjoy them or not! :smiley:

I play this, I find it fun, but there are a few annoying bits to it as well (zombies follow you across the map)