The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot

I’m not sure if any of you guys out there have heard of it… but I found it a while ago, forgot about it, found it again and picked it up! It’s actually really fun.

So for those of you who don’t know what it is or about, it’s a castle-raiding game, but with a multiplayer sandbox-like aspect… (I do not think that was worded too well). You can raid other castles to get loot, and also create your own! You use the loot you get from destroying other players’ castles to upgrade your own!

I figured it needed a nice spot here on Discourse.

You can purchase it on Steam here:

i saw this in passing as an advertisement on one of my gaming news sites… i thought it was a joke at first (given the title)… the quick video i watched did look entertaining though… thanks for the reminder… :smile:

No problem! I’ve only played it for a little bit… but it is fun as ever! I recommend buying it to anyone who is interested. :smile:

It actually looks pretty fun, unfortunately I dun have any muneyz

Shame :frowning: I would like to play with some of you forum goers!

I took the liberty of editing your post as best as I am able. :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s just a tad rude, if I do say so.

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I remember playing that game!

Did ya enjoy it? I definitely do. :tongue:

Not sure if real GenerikB or not…imagine, a Youtube celebrity here on our little corner of the internetz!
If not, you had to expect disappointment from such a suggestive name…

Either way welcome aboard! :slight_smile:

Judging by the email address on his account I don’t think it is :slight_smile:

Edit: Unless of course there is a sweet irony to it all.

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@Generikb you sir, have disappointed a man tonight :disappointed:

Yep. There’s alot of broke people like on the discourse. HOBOS, UNITE!

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Wait @Generikb is on this? who new… next thing you know Sjin from the Yogscast comes on too. P.S. in this game is it possible too make more Castles?

Well GenerikB did a little play-through on the super early alpha. You can see it here: A Hermit Look: StoneHearth!. So it makes sense to have an account on the forums… unless it’s a faker. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, there you have @Geoffers747 verdict :stuck_out_tongue:

Gavel Bangs

The game’s like a full-blown PC version of Clash of Clans, which I prefer over the mobile alternative. It’s pretty fun and engaging. With great graphics and mechanics for an Alpha.

I beta tested that, I hope they worked out the balance issues they had. I had no way to successfully raid castles my level and got the ire of the computer exp/gold system for attack castles of a lower level.

I was also sad you couldnt team up with your friends for raids.