Day Two Worker Suit Error


I don’t know if this counts as a bug, but immediately after the dawn of the third day I got a list of errors on my screen. The only odd things that could have caused this to my knowledge were the downloading of the combat mod and giving my worker a new suit. I don’t have a screenshot due to my lack of prowess with a keyboard, but if told how to I might be able to transfer it here.


Odd you are talking about this mod right [MOD] stonehearth: combat balance r122.0.3, Updated 8/30/2014 ? It works fine for me in all regards. And if you are using steam you do F12 and then on exiting the game you do show on disk and drag the screnshot in to were you wright on this forum like here

it will take about 5 sec to upload


Thanks, if it happens again I’ll upload it. It might not be it though, seeing as the goblins aren’t nerfed and none of the items are in it, do you know how I can solve it?


maybe you installed it wrong? did not unzip the file? or might have installed it to the wrong Stonehearth if you are using steam or Humble bundle?


How do I unzip it? I’m fairly certain I’ve done everything else


give me 3 min and i will have a video up on YouTube it is super simple!


Thanks! (worthless sentence for the min characters)


Here it is YouTube