Day 18 and it is very easy!

Well i am not complaining obviously haha… but i am on day 18 with a net worth over 2k and i have yet to encounter my first goblin camp (there has been no chieftans)

All i get are Wandering Goblins/Zombies

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think i figured out the issue… on my world, i started in a bunker and made a ladder out (so they don’t camp spawn in my base)

My footmen are currently only level 2, but since i have been playing the past 5 mins i had a goblin camp spawn inside my loot room, (the camp with the fire) and my footmen killed the 2 goblins and fire almost instantly (it is guarded)

So is it because they are killing them too fast maybe?

only 2k? Get to 3k, then the campaign will begin.


ohhhh ok, thanks, its just that in previous updates i had the chieftan almost instantly (less than 2k) they must have changed that? thank you

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