Damage bonuses, strategic combat or an incentive to building walls


While playing I thought it would be nice to have an elevation damage bonus mechanic like Age of Empires had, where archers in higher elevation compared to their targets would do more damage and archers in lower elevations compared to their targets would do less damage. This would add more depth to combat and strategic positioning of your archers becomes much more important and it also gives a lot more incentive to build walls and towers and have archers positioned in the crenelations.


  • Archers in higher elevations like cliffs and walls do more damage on targets at lower elevation. The greater the height difference the greater the damage bonus.
  • Archers do less damage if at a lower elevation when compared to their target.
  • Archers do more damage when positioned at walls or cliffs if their target is at a lower elevation.
  • The damage bonus increases the higher the archer is relatively to his target.
  • Damage bonus increases by a given percentage each 5 meters of difference between the archer and the target when the archer is at a higher elevation.
  • Damage decreases by a given percentage each 5 meters of difference between the archer and the target when the target is at a higher elevation.


I used 5 meters because it is also used by the game terrain slice vision.



I like this idea, but I think higher elevation should also increase maximum range; and the damage bonus should depend on how close the target is to maximum range.

For example; if an archer has a maximum range of 20 meters when at the same altitude as their target then they might have a maximum range of 30 meters when they’re at a much higher altitude than their target, and a 10 meter range when they’re at a much lower altitude than their target.

At max. range (regardless of what that is) they do the same damage in all cases, but damage might be calculated with something like “(10 + max_range/(actual_distance+1) ) * damage”; so that if a target is 5 meters away and you have 30 meters range you get “(10 + 30/(5+1) * damage = 15 * damage”, if you have 20 meter range you get “(10 + 20/(5+1) * damage = 13.33 * damage” and if you have 10 meter range then you get “(10 + 10/(5+1) * damage = 11.66 * damage”.

I also think that there should be a chance to miss the target; where the chance to miss is effected by distance to the target, target agility (ability to dodge), target size, and archer skill. A beginner archer shouldn’t be able to hit an erratically moving bumble bee at max. range with a 100% success rate.