[D1633] Unknown crash at fixed point

Steps to replicate: Start a new game, select an area to start, place the settlement, and then over the course of 1 in game day (returning to the daytime of day 2 - gathering food, wood and thread resource, building a house (roughly 7x9, promoting 1 worker to farmer, 1 to trapper, 1 to carpenter and 1 to weaver and placing 5 5x5 stock piles and 4 28x6 farms. The game immediately closes. After saving the game several time up until the crash it now appears that a certain event may be causing the crash. (now crashing roughly 10 - 15 seconds into the save.

Possible related information:

  • Two workers are stuck on the roof after scaffolding taken down - pathfinding related crash?
  • Doesn’t just happen in this savefile, seems to happen in every game I create - related to computer specs?

Computer Specs
Model: Toshiba satellite c855-2j5 (German)
OS: Windows 8.0 64 bit
Graphics Card: Radeon HD 7610M
Driver Version: 2014.0417.2226.38446
Memory: 4GB DDR3 (1600MHz)
CPU: Intel Core i5-3230M

As a save file exists, if this would be useful, please advise the best way to attach.

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Hmm. Going to flag this for @not_owen_wilson’s attention. In the mean time, one thing I do note though is that your graphics card is a Radeon… might be worth checking that your drivers are up to date, because there’ve been plenty of problems relating to that.

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hey there @ylloyd… welcome aboard! :smile:

here’s a few options for hosting a file (until such time as you can attach them directly):

Please find save file here:


[Update] I do not appear to be able to reproduce this crash in b1658. =D

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