[Custom Buildings] City of Errors. Pt 2 - Evolution

It’s really hard to create custom construction. It’s double difficult to create custom city. Workers stuck and die in walls, stop building, can’t create stairs. templates breaks, crash client, creates errors. And thats my story. I only have 3 buldings - pretty normal in my opinion (not floating in sky’s, have standard walls from ingame constructor but… 8848 errors =)

I wish one day villagers can build town of my dream. =/


I wish I could give you more likes. Amazing work! :open_mouth:
I love the houses building, and… Are those things in front of the cathedral fountains?
Rly rly love it. :heart_eyes:
I just hope the errors don’t stop you!

Have fun, Kyth.


Yep, it’s fountains.

But i’m cheated - use “ib”, because only fountains and cathedral (on 3rd try with so much deaths) are buildable. =(
I have all bugs from support threads with custom buildings. =(((((

Did you tried to build them in one go? For things that complicated I found it is better to divide them in parts.
And… Could it be possible to see the interiors? I would realy like to see them! :smile:

Have fun, Kyth.

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REALLY like that 4th image, Are they all connected internally as well or is it just for looks? Either way that’s pretty cool!

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yep, but space is really tiny


Could probably still get yourself a nice small garden or courtyard in there though :stuck_out_tongue:


Would you like the add to this thread? I’m sure there are many people who would love to see your work and know how you built these. Thank you.

Srly, it’s town cursed. When i managed to force villagers to build my houses, the bugged like never before

But thank for kythandra advice my houses fully buildable by workers. =)
First i build standart walls and floor, but third floor was build with 0,1 FPS, so you can skip third floor:

Next some stairs:

Then top roof with free blocks:

next u need build HALF of bottom roof (or worker will be idling and not working):

and only after that finish building.


Game evolved so much since I last update this thread, as well as my skill to create unique buildings, so i return to show, how evolved my building through time, and annonce “New City of Errors”, even if it have less error than in the past. =)

Firstly, I improved my residential area:

Secondly, my new inn looks much more interesting:
old version

new version

And finally, I completely redid the layout of church


in line custom walls, towers and castle. But drawing roofs like that take a lot of time…


As I promised, here are the first pictures of my “New City of Errors”, which is currently being built without a single error. =D


Barn and henhouse

Farmer’s house and city’s gate

Fisher’s house

Firewatch? =D

And this is only a suburb! I’ve already sketched few city buildings, castle and fort. Hope my heartling will construct it. =/


WOW! you are an amazing builder, can’t wait to see more from your city of errors. Also it would be cool if you can make them into templates for the building challenged… me


=( Sorry, but most of them build by piecemeal (and most of parts add with hands and not templates). Too many slabs, custom roofs and ornamentation for building engine.

Finally, after a long break, I was able to return to my village. I must say, the new building engine looks cool and progresive. Of course, the game is eating a huge amount of memory, but I can still build and it pleases.