Custom Building Editor Issue

Ive gotten back into the game now after a long while, been playing around with the custom building editor and ive run into an issue where the editor wont allow me to place windows, or lamps on the structure prior to construction. I have not been able to place furniture in the structure before construction either even though it is available. the Icon just dissapears and if I do get an outline it will place for instance, the lamp in the floor or it will be hovering in the air and not actually part of the construction. Its very frustrating, hopefully i am not the only one with this issue.

after trying it looks like it placed the lamp inside of the door frame haha, but still object placement is super wonky and I cant seem to place a lamp anywhere in the exterior, also interior object placement before construction is an issue and it makes it very difficult to make prefab structions for say, a workshop or house etc.

A few pictures of the problem that I have encountered, after moving the object it does this:,VkgT61b#0

Now the building remains unfinished, and the door is not being put in

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Yeah I had that issue to in the last release…or maybe it was alpha 7 I forget. They’re looking into it last I heard. Can’t remember what alpha they plan on working it out…