Crowfall an interesting take on the MMORPG

I am actually surprised this hasn’t been brought up before.

Crowfall is an War-of-the worlds focused MMORPG which seems really interesting:

The players fight together or alone about acquiring resources in different teams depending on what type of world they are in. After 1-3 month the world disappears and a winner is declared, whoever wins the war gains more resources which they can use in their homeworld.


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I saw this (and was really impressed with the visuals, etc.), but am surprised that there is still a strong following for MMOs (given how quickly this one is gaining funding)…

I suppose I am just overly jaded on the genre… :smile:

Yeah MMOs are spat out in batches by the time and they rarely are as good as expected. But i thought this followed a quite interesting principle with the destructible reboot-able worlds that i feel will make some quite interesting warfare.

I backed it. It’s refreshing to see people trying something different in the MMO genre; I thought that EQ Next would be doing that but things haven’t been going so great for them…

Customizing campaign rulesets for greater/lesser risk and having a persistent ‘safe-zone’ for the player run economy to prosper is a good combination, imo.

i might just have to back this project… even though im not a big MMO player…

wow, the campaign just shot past the $1,000,000 mark… congrats to the team!

unlikely I will back the project, but all the power to them… trying new things in that stale genre can only be a good thing in my book! :smile: :+1: