Crop Circles (and saving)


They’ve got to do something while they wait for the mothership.

I’d love to see your corn mazes and crop circles! :slight_smile:


I guess there was some sort of progression. I came back from the kitchen to find…

And then a few minutes later:

How very strange!

As a completely unrelated side note, if a save of yours gets corrupted (how? Not sure yet!) it seems that the save dialog may stop working. To fix, delete the broken save. But which save is broken? I suggest copying them out to a separate folder for now, and adding them back one by one till you find the one you want–or don’t.


is the bleeding edge build available on HB as well? that’s great if it is! :smiley: I was just under the impression it was still exclusive to Steam… then again, I tend to miss news events… :smile:


Ah, my apologies. We have not yet updated Humble Bundle. I just used an installer on my internal build. Not sure where the saved games are on Steam.


I think this is the path?

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Stonehearth\saved_games

I don’t really look in the steam folder too often… :smile:


I got visited by aliens. It is hard to read their languange. Some kind of morse code I think, with their sticks and dots. But they are efficient on the landuse :alien: :alien: :stuck_out_tongue: :alien:


Whoaa. :wink: I know that took some work!


Yes, a whole 1 minute :smile:

Btw I deciphered the words. According the intergalactic morse code.

I see A A A A A A
and some E E E E
from left to right

from top to bottom it is:

Which can only mean this:


I think my settlers also are related to aliens… My farmer made these strange symbols on the floor:

(it’s just that she don’t like finishing things in order, apparently)

But, after a while, I realised that my trees were gone :frowning:

This is because it’s a loaded file. I realised that the logs had the description of my mods. Probably because of some override, the savefile kept that information and tried to load even when now there’s no mods into the folder.

By the way, I saw a translucid log! I saw an invisible one, and when checking the other settlers who were carrying wood to see if it was visible, making zoom, I saw that the log wasn’t completely transparent but slightly whitish which allowed me to see the squares of the inner part of the wood. Sadly I didn’t react fast enough to make a screenshot :cry:


This is one of the most ominous panouts in the history of Stonehearth.