Why does it do this when it starts?

When i load my save, it crashes, then i get an error that says Stonehearth Assertion Failed and after that it says result. Idk what is wrong with this… Any solutions?

I think it is a corrupted save file. luckily, here is how to fix it. First, use the built in search function in Windows. Look of the file “saved games”. If you find it, open it up, and delete all of it’s contents. YOur game should now work.

hey there @gamemoun, welcome aboard! :smile:

while @EpicDwarf may have the right idea, the suggestion for finding your save games is a bit too generic… :smile:

I’m stuck on my phone at the moment, but perhaps someone can provide you with a direct path to the SH save game locations… :+1:

Well, it works. If by generic you mean boring, it’s a tutorial on how to fix corrupted saves. It’s not suppose to be an epic adventure.

By generic he means that you will struggle to locate the stonehearth saved files simply by using the search function of Windows 8 - searching for “save games” chucks up every file that may be a save game for example

Hence the:

@gamermoun if you’re using Steam right click Stonehearth in your library, click on properties, click the local files tab, then click browse local files, the save game folder should be there in the directory and then just delete the files within.


Well, I use Windows 8.1, so it’s a bit different for me.

So do I.

This is what happens when I search ‘files’ with the words ‘saved game’

I look for it in explorer.

Okay well you need to specify that, when someone says the ‘built in search function of windows 8’ I assume they’re talking about the search function in the image I posted, not windows explorer search.

@gamemoun I think we’ve had a thread on this topic before, I know we’ve definitely had one where it’s said “id” in the box that opens upon crash.

Here is my redone tutorial on how to fix corrupted Save-Files.

  • 1.) Open up “Explorer”.

  • 2.) Look up the folder called “saved games” through Explorer’s built in search function.

  • 3.) Find the folder and check the path for the words “stonehearth” and “Steam”.

  • 4.) If the folder is the right one, open it up.

  • 5.) Select all the files in it, right click, and click “Delete”.

  • 6.) Close Explorer and open up “Recycle Bin”.

  • 7.) Click “Empty Recycle Bin”

  • 8.) Close Recycle Bin and open up Stonehearth.

  • 9.) Create a new game and see if that works.

  • 10.) Enjoy!

So much easier just to open up Steam and click the “browse local files” button though :stuck_out_tongue: .

But it’s a lot funner to go through Explorer and find all sorts of goodies in the game’s files.