Critters Spawn With/After Villagers

Critters Spawn With/After Villagers

Summary: Critters only spawn after the Banner has been placed.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Start a new game.
  2. Scan the map for critters. (None)
  3. Place your banner.
  4. Scan the map for critters. (Found them!)

Expected Results:
I expected to scan the map ahead of time to find a dense patch of critters. Much like wood and berries, critters are an important part of the village plot choice decision.

Actual Results:
I scanned the map to find no critters had spawned. After placing the banner that spawns the villagers, the critters then showed up as well.

I figured it would be an important part of choosing your start location for a village, especially if you plan to go into hunting and trapping heavily.


Versions & Mods: Stonehearth 0.1.0 (release 42) - No Mods

System Info: Windows 7 Pro 64 | AMD Phenom 9950 Quad-Core | 8GB RAM | GeForce GTX 560

interesting… i would imagine there are a number of “things” that hinge on placing the banner…

but spawning creatures wouldnt have been one of them… curious though, how long did you wait before placing the banner? how many times did you perform the test?

Just a couple tests. But it’s very clear that they pop up when the banner is placed. Not slightly after, not before. If you zoom out far enough you can catch them spawning in at that moment.

But I’ll go ahead and do one, starting now, and let it sit there for a while before placing the banner.

Well crap… Just as I say that, this map loaded up with bunnies already in view. XD

No critters, period… even after placing the Banner.

Critters at start.

No critters, now for a looong wait… 5minutes later… Place banner, CRITTERS!

There you go. And I have Pictures.

aye, it seems this is the case… @Tom mentioned in tonight’s stream that they do indeed populate the map with critters near your spawn point…

so my guess is, this is working by design… at least for now?

Sorry, may have duplicated a thread (Critters don’t appear until banner placed? (r42)), but I have more information to add at least. In my experience, the critters spawned with banner placement (Stonehearth Alpha 1: Critters and Carpenters!) only when using the “new game” option. When you use the “quick start” option, the world is pre-populated.