[180] [Con] SteamUnstable - Town Banner Cliffside Split

Summary: Placing the Town Banner next to a cliff will lead to citizens being scattered at top and bottom (and possibly partway up) of the cliff. It is also possible to end with the fire pit floating in the air at a different level than the banner.

Steps to reproduce: Place the Town Banner next to a cliff during startup.

Expected Results: All Citizens, tools, other starting inventory and fire pit at the same level as the Town Banner.

Actual Results: Town Banner placed at desired location, citizens, tools, misc starting inventory and fire pit placed at several different levels.


Versions and Mods: 180 no mods

System Information: Win8.1 64bit (running on MacOS 10.10.1 using Parallels) - playing Stonehearth through the Steam client

Thanks for the report, I know this has already been reported somewhere so will lock for now until I can find it to merge.

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Cliff banners separate villagers

When placing the starting banner, if you place it near the top edge of a cliff, the villagers arrive but are split up, with some above the cliff, and some below.

Steps to reproduce
At the start of a game, place the banner next to the top edge of a cliff.

Expected results
“Invalid banner placement. Please try again.”

Actual results
The villagers appear as normal, except some are forced to go onto the lower level. The fireplace may have to as well.

Picture (ignore the whiteness)

temporarily opened/merged these threads… i was unable to locate the previous (first) report, but i agree with @Geoffers747 that something similar had been reported…

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just testing some stuff out on a new save; i placed the hearth close to a wall and this resulted:


hearthspawn.zip (4.5 MB)

a17, dev 3023 x64

hope this helps

Hearthlings spawn always in a circular formation around the fire pit at the beginning of the game. So this isn’t really a bug but the spawning disregards the height of terrain next to the fire pit. Next time two more blocks space between flag and cliff will solve the problem and in this save you can place a ladder and destroy it afterwards.