Show Critters Before Choosing Where to Spawn

Hello SH Discourse! :smiley: Just thought I’d share an idea.

I noticed that before placing the banner at the start of a game you cannot see where the animals have spawned and I was thinking there should be a togglable setting that would let you be able to do so.

This option could be useful for testing mods that involve changing something about the animals (e.g. loot drops) or for making the early game a little easier (if you want a little boost to start off with). The option could then be turned off for normal games.

Thanks for reading! :smile:

I would rather have some sort of connection (lots of vegetation implies wildlife) than another indicator. As they are scenarios, I’m not sure if it’s even (comfortably) know where each one will spawn or in what quantity.

I’m not sure if such pre-defined scenarios would be a good thing or not. It would take away a bit of the discovery and exploration part after all…

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I’m all for the exploration part of the game. I only really thought of this because I have been trying to make rabbits drop bones as a resource (for crafting), and seeing if it worked has sometimes been a little bit slow because I can’t immediately find the rabbits to test on.

I don’t think showing creatures before starting will be a necessity for standard gameplay, but it could help make the game more modder friendly. This is why my original thought was to have it as an option in the settings.

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