Crafters not keeping correct amount of items in stock (always -1)

I Just started playing the latest version of the alpha and discovered that all of my crafters are not keeping the correct amount of things in my inventory. For example my cook is set to always have 30 mixed vegetable stew in stock but stops crafting at 29 (there are no shortage of mats for said stew)

The same goes for my mason, I have him keep 10 stone garden lanterns in stock but he only ever crafts up to 9. This happens with all of my crafters except the items I set to only have 1 copy of at any given time.

(I just discovered that my blacksmith seems to not be bugged and keeps the correct amount of ingots in storage)

Hello @Nephi, thanks for reporting :smile:

Which Stonehearth version were you playing?

Hi, when I’m in game the top left corner says “release-460 (x64)” is that what you’re looking for? I’m playing the latest update opted in to the beta releases.

It may be some sort of weird UI bug because I have 4 stone lanterns placed in the world, and in my inventory section of the town overview page it shows i have 14 total (as if the mason has indeed made 10) but when traders come by i’m only ever allowed to sell 9 lanterns and can only find 9 i my various storage chests.